Painting, Sculpture

Peggy Sivert

Sivert is an artist, curator, program developer and community organizer. She has dedicated many years to developing her own work and has also devoted incredible energy and creativity to make her artistic and curatorial practice into a bridge between artists and communities. For her own work, her subject matter tends towards animals and humans, with a heavy emphasis on horses, which become vehicles for spirit, memory, and energy. These are often large sculptural assemblages and additive fabrications, and she melds a wide variety of found objects and industrial materials for her powerful images of horses. Her paintings are often process driven, as she builds up and tears down the surface until an image emerges... Read more onĀ Sivert's artist page.


Ben Zask

Zask became interested in art in the early 70s when driving a taxi in NYC, a time when SOHO was being transformed into an art district. He would often park his cab and explore the galleries... Read more on Zask's artist page.